Best Spirulina Supplement – top 5 brands where to buy

If you are thinking of taking a spirulina supplement, you will probably agree with this statement:

With all of the spirulina powders and also protein brands on the marketplace, it is hard to recognize how to select the very best spirulina supplement brand as well as get the purest components at a great price.

ספירולינה Spirulina I Blue-green alga | חן אדדי - טיפול בתזונה ...

In search of my own health objectives, I felt overwhelmed by all the spirulina supplements available and also had difficulty finding the ideal one for me. Via lots of my own study, I had the ability to find out which spirulina supplement helped me and also I wish that the notes I have actually created will certainly do the exact same for you.

Best Spirulina Supplement Powders & Tablets – 2019

I have actually found spirulina supplements to be a major life booster and I hope this list of the leading spirulina supplements available assists you have the same experience.

Zhou NutritionUSAPowderBuy on Amazon
Organic SpiruzanIndiaTabletBuy on Amazon
Organic Spirulina Powder
(Best Certified)
IndiaPowderBuy on Amazon
Pure Hawaiian SpirulinaHawaii
Tablet / Powder
Buy on Amazon
Pure Organic Spirulina
(Editor’s Choice)
MongoliaPowderBuy on Amazon

Pure Organic Spirulina Powder– Editor’s Choice

Organic Spirulina Powder (16 Ounce): Naturally Vegan, Supplies Folate, Vitamin B12, Iron, Omega Fatty Acids, GLA, Beta Carotene, Chlorophyll, Amino Acids
Organic Spirulina Powder (16 Ounce): Naturally Vegan, Supplies Folate, Vitamin B12, Iron, Omega Fatty Acids, GLA, Beta Carotene, Chlorophyll, Amino AcidsBuy from Amazon

Pure Organic Spirulina PowderA Sari Foods product, Pure Organic Spirulina Powder is a quality spirulina supplement sourced from soft drink lakes in desolate parts of Mongolia. Harvested without plant foods or using polluted water, Pure Organic Spirulina Powder is dried in such a way such that it does not need chemicals. To guarantee purity in their spirulina product, Sari Foods sends it for independent testing.

Packed filled with protein, nutrients, chlorophyll, phytonutrients and also vital amino acids (GLA, Omega 3, 6 & 9s), this vegan product uses a potent macronutrient mix. Because of its deemed to aid with pH balance, Pure Organic Spirulina Powder aids prevent oxidation in the body and also protect cells from damages.

Blue-green in shade from the chlorophyll, Pure Organic Spirulina Powder can boost power levels and total wellness. Particularly, power boosts from this spirulina powder have a tendency to be smooth as well as long-lasting to the point where coffee addicts could also have the ability to cut down on their everyday consumption. Other benefits reported by longer term individuals include healthier skin and stronger, harder nails.

Pure Organic Spirulina Powder has a strong scent and distinctly bad preference.

Pure Organic Spirulina Powder does have a solid scent which could be a problem for individuals with delicate noses. One method around this is blending it with something to neutralize the smell such as cacao powder. Inevitably, spirulina is “pond residue” as well as it will certainly be tough to get around the fact that the majority of quality spirulina supplements will certainly taste like fish food. With the organic qualification, Pure Organic Spirulina Powder is a good choice and value for anybody who wants a top organic spirulina supplement.

The Pure Organic Spirulina Powder is a premium alternative if you are seeking a pure spirulina supplement at a sensible cost.

  • No preservatives
  • Reasonable price
  • Smells and tastes bad to many people

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina-500 mg Tablets 400 Count - Natural Premium Spirulina from Hawaii - Vegan, Non-GMO, Immunity Support - Superfood Supplement & Natural Multivitamin
Pure Hawaiian Spirulina-500 mg Tablets 400 Count – Natural Premium Spirulina from Hawaii – Vegan, Non-GMO, Immunity Support – Superfood Supplement & Natural MultivitaminBuy from Amazon

Hawaii Spirulina SupplementPure Hawaiian Spirulina is a spirulina supplement tablet (there is additionally a powder form) that is created by Nutrex Hawaii, a major spirulina company. Pure Hawaiian Spirulina is sourced from Kona Hawaii and is expanded from fresh water drawn from all-natural aquifiers.

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina has been on the market for over nine years and also is a non-GMO product generated in a cGMP center. The firm has actually specified that their spirulina supplement undertakes extensive testing and is without heavy metals as well as microcystins. They also state that this spirulina is 100% organic and also is devoid of tree nuts as well as peanuts. Packaged in a glass container, Pure Hawaiian Spirulina tablets are cold pushed.

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina supplements can be blended right into drinks such as trembles or smoothies or used as a supplement in various other foods such as salads. People that use Pure Hawaiian Spirulina record that it helps boost energy levels in addition to supplying the macronutrient assistance for the body all at once.

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina supplement includes other trace ingredients which might be a trouble for anybody who wants pure spirulina.

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina does have chicory and also magnesium stearate which may be a concern for the spirulina purists out there. Individuals who have thyroid problems need to not take Pure Hawaiian Spirulina provided that there are might be trace quantities of iodine present in it. The odor leaves something to be wanted however it is barely visible when blended right into other foods.

This Pure Hawaiian Spirulina supplement tablet computer is a great selection for anybody who desires a spirulina supplement tablet computer with a lengthy background on the market.

  • Established company with good track record
  • Produced in cGMP facility
  • Should be avoided if a thyroid condition is present.

Organic Spirulina Powder – Most Qualified Spirulina

Organic Spirulina Powder: 4 Organic Certifications - Certified Organic by USDA, Ecocert, Naturland & OCIA - Vegan Farming Process, Non-Irraditated, Max Nutrient Density (8 oz.)
Organic Spirulina Powder: 4 Organic Certifications – Certified Organic by USDA, Ecocert, Naturland & OCIA – Vegan Farming Process, Non-Irraditated, Max Nutrient Density (8 oz.)Buy from Amazon

Best Licensed Spirulina PowderTriquetra Health has put together a spirulina supplement that is not just a premium quality spirulina supplement from a ranch in South India however it also flaunts a remarkable checklist of certifications from trustworthy companies. Improved the property that independent validation is the major component to delivering a spirulina supplement in and out, Organic Spirulina Powder is licensed by the USDA, EcoCert licensed organic, Naturland certified organic, Halal as well as USP. Concentrated on a vegan process, Organic Spirulina Powder is likewise evaluated by third-parties to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, binders as well as soy along with being non-GMO. Additionally, Organic Spirulina Powder is mentioned to be devoid of microcystin as confirmed by third-party screening.

Organic Spirulina Powder mixes well with foods and drinks and gives several with a recognizable energy increase. Unfortunately, there have actually been infrequent records of indigestion although we have not recognized it taking place personally.

Organic Spirulina Powder is a factor to consider for people who are generally skeptical of the supplement industry and desire a spirulina supplement that has obtained numerous qualifications.

  • Lots of reputable certifications
  • Organic and vegan
  • Some reports of stomach upset.

SpiruZan Spirulina – Spirulina with Astaxanthin increase

Organic Spirulina and Astaxanthin: Organic Spiruzan -The Purest and Most Bioavailable Source of Spirulina and Astaxanthin - Our Spirulina is Certified Organic by The USDA, Ecocert, OCIA & Naturland
Organic Spirulina and Astaxanthin: Organic Spiruzan -The Purest and Most Bioavailable Source of Spirulina and Astaxanthin – Our Spirulina is Certified Organic by The USDA, Ecocert, OCIA & NaturlandBuy from Amazon

Organic Spirulina and also AstaxanthinOrganic Spiruzan, an organic spirulina as well as astaxanthin supplement, is a quality spirulina supplement created by Triquetra Health. Organic Spiruzan includes USDA-certified organic spirulina and highlights another compound called astaxanthin. Organic SpiruZan is non-GMO as well as without binders, solvents, soy and gluten. It is not irradiated during handling as well as is refined in a facility that is licensed organic.

Organic SpiruZan is a spirulina supplement concentrated on its addition of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a compound called a cartenoid that might have advantages with skin health and wellness, vision, and lowering swelling in the body. Astaxanthin may likewise be helpful with protecting against sunburn (damage from UV light). Organic SpiruZan utilizes the Zanthin brand of astaxanthin which uses a carbon dioxide based extraction procedure to improve purity as well as efficacy of the end product. While smaller sized in quantity than a pure astaxanthin supplement (around 500 mcg), it does give the astaxanthin boost for any person searching for a mix spirulina supplement.

Combined with each other, this spirulina as well as astaxanthin supplement offers a quality mix, providing over 100 trace elements to aid enhance mobile wellness. According to the company, it is just one of the only spirulina supplements that is USP confirmed and licensed to meet The golden state Suggestion 65 criteria in regards to heavy metal web content. Along with its USDA organic certification, the Organic SpiruZan supplement is also licensed by OCIA Organic, Ecocert Organic, Naturland Organic & GRAS.

Organic Spiruzan may not lead to much extra result versus organic spirulina by itself.

Rarely, individuals did not see much of a result from Organic Spiruzan which is unfavorable offered its slightly greater cost factor. Additionally, the spirulina for Organic Spiruzan acquired for this spirulina supplement is done via third-party that grows the spirulina in India and obtains the organic accreditations.

Organic SpiruZan may be a good choice for somebody seeking to enhance their spirulina supplementation with astaxanthin.

  • Contains astaxanthin.
  • Organic and vegan.
  • Limited effectiveness in some people.

Zhou Nourishment Spirulina– Premium United States Spirulina Powder

Non-GMO Spirulina Powder - Sustainably Grown in California - Highest Quality Spirulina on Earth - 100% Vegetarian, Gluten Free & Non-Irradiated - Blue Green Algae Perfect for Smoothies, Juices & More
Non-GMO Spirulina Powder – Sustainably Grown in California – Highest Quality Spirulina on Earth – 100% Vegetarian, Gluten Free & Non-Irradiated – Blue Green Algae Perfect for Smoothies, Juices & MoreBuy from Amazon

Zhou Nutrition Spirulina SupplementFor those of you that do not rely on the certifications of spirulina sourced from Asia, have a look at this spirulina supplement as it is one of the very best spirulina powder supplements on the market. Zhou Nourishment’s Spirulina supplement originates from a remote ranch in Southeastern The golden state as well as prides itself on being one of the best quality residential sources of spirulina supplement. Expanded in a closed-loop system making use of Colorado water abundant in minerals combined with huge paddlewheels, Zhou Nutrition’s Spirulina supplement is a top notch, non-GMO spirulina supplement alternative. Without pesticides as well as herbicides, Zhou Nourishment’s Spirulina supplement is composed completely of Arthrospira platensis and is additionally without microcystins and irradiation as well as is kosher and also Halal accredited. Zhou Nourishment’s Spirulina undergoes third-party screening for which it has been extremely ranked in the past.

Zhou Nourishment’s Spirulina supplement has an intriguing scent. Some could state it scents like fresh cut lawn yet it seems more powerful as well as a lot more shady than a cleaner scenting restorative like wheat turf. The flavor may appear solid to individuals with delicate tastes but can be counteracted if it is mixed in with something like a smoothie. Lots of people keep in mind a significant increase in power and even more steady state of minds while using this certain spirulina supplement. The recommended offering size of Zhou Nourishment’s Spirulina supplement is two servings daily.

Although the company claims it is deliberately, Zhou Nourishment’s Spirulina supplement is not licensed organic.

Zhou Nutrition’s Spirulina supplement is not organic and also the company states that this is deliberately. According to the company, creating organic spirulina in the US would certainly increase the amount of germs gathered with the spirulina as organic plant foods require bone, blood as well as fish meal. Zhou Nourishment’s Spirulina does come packaged in plastic rather than glass. Some individuals may likewise note that it needs a little bit of initiative to mix well with liquids.

It is not technically organic, Zhou Nourishment’s Spirulina supplement is an excellent selection for people looking for a US-sourced spirulina supplement.

  • Sourced in California using stringent standards.
  • Customer service is reportedly attentive and reponsive.
  • Not organic (by design according to the company).

Spirulina Supplements– An Introduction

What is spirulina? Is it simply some new health trend? Will it help me? Good questions. We wish this testimonial of spirulina supplements will be beneficial to you.

Spirulina is a kind of supplement that is made from algae. Blue-green in color, spirulina supplements are made from two different sorts of algae– Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira optimums. Generally, when one considers a spirulina supplement, the origin is the raw material of Arthrospira platensis. The algae typically grows in tropical lakes and is readily generated worldwide.

Much more generally, algae is a term as a broad classification for various sorts of organisms that produce chemical power from light power (generally from the sun) making use of a procedure referred to as photosynthesis. To do this, algae utilizes an unique pigment known as chlorophyll which takes in certain shades of light. Algae can define organisms with only cell or large organisms with several cells.

Particularly, spirulina likes cozy waters and high pH, or alkaline, atmospheres including bicarbonate. The algae takes sunshine and also creates its very own food, making it a dense source of energy as well as nutrients. In fact, spirulina is so reliable when considering just how much it offers in the means of nourishment per weight that it has actually been commonly taken into consideration a feasible source of nourishment for astronauts on long area journeys. Spirulina is high in protein and contains all the crucial amino acids, making it a full protein. Spirulina powder usually supplies around 3 calories per gram of weight and consists of high amounts of iron, manganese, fatty acids and also B vitamins (with the exception of vitamin B12).

Spirulina Supplements – Wellness Advantages

However, spirulina has actually not been rigorously examined in the clinical area making use of randomized, double-blind controlled scientific tests. There are some appealing researches to start looking at possible benefits of spirulina as well as point to areas of interest for study.

Lipid Profile Improvements

A research study in rats discovered lipid-lowering effects of spirulina.

Liver Wellness

Heavy metals such as lead can cause toxicity in the body and also damages to the liver. One research study on rats located feasible advantages associating with lowering liver stress and also damage after lead exposure and also poisoning.

Protein Consumption

Spirulina is an abundant source of protein. In areas where protein is not available in the diet regimen, spirulina might be a beneficial nutritional supplement.

Gut Repair service

Valuable germs in the gastrointestinal tract are often wiped out based on the foods we eat or when we use anti-biotics. Spirulina might promote the presence of “great” germs such as Lactobacillus acidophilus in the gut.

Antimicrobial Residences

Spirulina might assist with improving the immune system. These benefits may be the result of enhanced antibody manufacturing.

Eye Wellness

Spirulina contains a nutrient called zeaxanthin that may help reduce the threat of eye problems as one ages.

Candida albicans Security

While Yeast infection is a typical part of the plants in our body, invasive candida, or candidiasis, is being increasingly acknowledged as a considerable health and wellness issue. Early research studies have actually revealed that spirulina may be useful for fighting candidiasis in the body.

Cancer Prevention

In early research studies, spirulina has shown a chemopreventative benefit in individuals with cancer.

Spirulina vs. Chlorella Supplements

What is the difference between spirulina as well as chlorella? For one, spirulina is molecularly larger than chlorella. Spirulina has even more of a blue color whereas chlorella has more of a green shade. Spirulina is much easier to digest than chlorella due to the fact that chlorella has a much thicker cell wall surface. To get more information concerning chlorella, check out this best chlorella supplements guide.

Spirulina Supplement Security

Pure spirulina supplements are generally secure for adults although they might engage when made use of at the same time as prescription drugs. In the past, some spirulina supplements were located to have actually a contaminant known as a microcystin that can cause liver problems as well as cancer cells and speak with the relevance of obtaining spirulina powders and tablets from a credible source. Also, spirulina supplements that originate from infected water resources may consist of heavy metals such as lead, mercury and also arsenic. Individuals with a condition called phenylketonuria should likewise avoid taking spirulina.

Best Spirulina Supplement – Summary

I wish that discovered this evaluation of the most effective spirulina supplements informative as well as practical. If you do include spirulina supplements to your diet, please contact us if you wish to share any responses on exactly how a specific spirulina supplement brands benefited your needs.

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